General Partners

Aditya Mishra

General Partner, BAT VC

Aditya has over 17+ years of experience in advising 100+ businesses for incubating new ventures, and scaling existing. He also co-founded FaceLogique to explore Metaverse applications in shopping.

Rajendra Badadare

General Partner, BAT VC

Raj Co-founded Cloud Lending Solutions and was an interim COO and EVP Customer Success, acquired by Q2 Holdings. His investments include SOLID, Koppr, SentryHealth, Cion Digital & Phyt

Vikash Kothari

General Partner, BAT VC

Vikash is the CEO and founder of Infovity, Inc. He co-founded Recvue, an enterprise Billing and Revenue product SAAS offering. His investments include CloudLending, Recvue, SOLID, and Phyt Health.

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