Batting for the Future

Most ideas are good, but one of the key differentiating factors between a successful business and a failed one is the founder’s ability to build high-performance teams around the shared purpose that have a bias towards the execution and have the grit and persistence to make a difference. Successful founders can come from any background, ethnicity, experience, geolocation, etc. – we see it as our purpose to find them even when they are rejected by many for non-commercial reasons.

At BAT VC, our goal is to “BAT” for our founders and create compelling value for startups and LPs. For Fund 1, we provide strategic advisory and actively make introductions to aid the product-market fit; our goal for subsequent funds is to build lean resource pools to support other critical operating areas. As a result, we will dramatically reduce the probability of failure by focusing on a select few high-risk-high impact variables and improving the likelihood of achieving product-market fit. 

We are a team of operators and serial entrepreneurs with a proven individual track record of raising money, building startups, and creating value for investors through successful exits. In addition, one more thing connects the founding partners – Cricket. Ethnically, we come from a cricket-loving nation, and the name BAT VC is inspired by “batting” in cricket, which means making “runs” for the team. In our current world, “batting” and “runs” implies supporting the founders with all our collective strengths and creating value for all the stakeholders – founders, investors, and LPs.

General Partners

Aditya Mishra

General Partner, BAT VC

Aditya has over 17+ years of experience in advising 100+ businesses for incubating new ventures, and scaling existing. He also co-founded FaceLogique to explore Metaverse applications in shopping.

Rajendra Badadare

General Partner, BAT VC

Raj Co-founded Cloud Lending Solutions and was an interim COO and EVP Customer Success, acquired by Q2 Holdings. His investments include SOLID, Koppr, SentryHealth, Cion Digital & Phyt

Vikash Kothari

General Partner, BAT VC

Vikash is the CEO and founder of Infovity, Inc. He co-founded Recvue, an enterprise Billing and Revenue product SAAS offering. His investments include CloudLending, Recvue, SOLID, and Phyt Health.

Entrepreneurial Partners

Snehal Fulzele

Extended Team, BAT VC

Snehal was the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Lending Solutions, acquired by Q2 Holdings (NYSE: QTWO) for $140M. His investments include SOLID, Koppr, TRDR, SentryHealth, Phyt, & Cion Digital.

Darpan Saini

Extended Team, BAT VC

Darpan was the CTO and co-founder of Cloud Lending Solutions, which was acquired by Q2 Holdings (NYSE: QTWO) for $140M. His investments include SOLID, Evolko, and SentryHealth

Venture Partners

Amilcar Chavarria

Venture Partner, BAT VC

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Educator in FinTech, Blockchain and Crypto. Ex-Wall St (GS, BLK). 10+ years in FinTech as Founder and CXO. Built multi-million dollar businesses from scratch. Advisor to Financial Institutions, Regulators, Governments and Central Banks. Wharton MBA.

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