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The Team

Core Team

Aditya Mishra

General Partner, BAT VC

Aditya has over 17+ years of experience in advising 100+ businesses for incubating new ventures, and scaling existing. He also co-founded FaceLogique to explore Metaverse applications in shopping.

Rajendra Badadare

General Partner, BAT VC

Raj Co-founded Cloud Lending Solutions and was an interim COO and EVP Customer Success, acquired by Q2 Holdings. His investments include SOLID, Koppr, SentryHealth, Cion Digital & Phyt

Vikash Kothari

General Partner, BAT VC

Vikash is the CEO and founder of Infovity, Inc. He co-founded Recvue, an enterprise Billing and Revenue product SAAS offering. His investments include CloudLending, Recvue, SOLID, and Phyt Health.

"Our goal is to deliver elite performance for entrepreneurs and investors."

Supporting founders building ideas that positively impact the overall wellness

Overall wellness is a function of causal relationships among financial, social, and physical health. Our role is to play the orchestra and be the connective tissue by funding and co-building ideas that will touch millions of lives and create billions in economic value.

We are a team of operators and serial entrepreneurs with a proven individual track record of raising money, building startups, creating value for investors through successful exits and personal investments. With our collective experience we aim to preserve and de-risk capital for the investor and co-build businesses with entrepreneurs.

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